Experience this gentle treatment and benefit from a treatment that has developed over more than 4000 years

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Facial Reflexology

The relaxing application of reflexology to the reflex points of the face – a journey into blissful relaxation and wellness

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Zone Face Lift

The the most sensational, relaxing and natural non-invasive facial treatment you are ever likely to experience

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About Catherine and Future Facials

Future Facials brings a new and modern approach to Reflexology and Facial Treatment

Catherine qualified in 1993 from the prestigious British School of Reflexology, directly under Ann Gillanders (a pioneer and author of reflexology).  Alongside her reflexology practice, she has a special interest in all aspects of Women’s Health, including fertility and pregnancy

In recent years she has added Facial Reflexology and is now a qualified Zone Face Lift practitioner, having studied under “Reflexologist to the stars” Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology

Catherine is a member of the Association of Reflexologists ( and regularly updates her skills at postgraduate courses


The History of Reflexology

Over 4000 years ago, the Egyptians and Chinese practised the ancient form of foot and hand therapy. This was re-discovered in the early 20th Century by Dr Fitzgerald (an ENT consultant). He divided the body into 10 longitudinal zones and noticed that applying pressure using elastic bands to certain areas of the fingers had an anaesthetic like effect on areas of the face. He called this Zone Therapy.
By the 1930’s, a physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham wanted to further develop the concept of Zone Therapy. She researched and worked with the Zones on the feet, painstakingly and carefully mapping out the corresponding organs and glands of the body on the feet. This interconnection is called a reflex, where by stimulating one point can bring about a response in a different area. Working alongside doctors, dentists and osteopaths, she was able to prove her findings and gained much respect within her field. Eunice transformed Reflexology into how it is today, and it continues to be recognised widely in the healthcare profession and Catherine has received referrals from GPs, hospital consultants and oncologists, osteopaths and many other therapists.

Anyone can benefit from reflexology, from babies to the elderly – whether you have a reason for seeking the expertise of a relflexologist or just because you like the experience.

Initially we recommend a course of 6 sessions, although ‘one off’s’ are equally popular – many patients choose to continue with ongoing semi regular sessions to maintain their health

Reflexology can help with the following:

Reflexology is not a form of diagnosis and cannot claim to cure your symptoms, many healthcare professionals are happy for Reflexology to be used alongside conventional medicine. However, if you are undergoing any form of medical treatment, it is advisable to check with your physician prior to starting treatment.

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Reflexology (Feet)

Reflexology is a non-invasive complimentary holistic treatment based on the theory that different points and the feet correspond with different areas of the body.

By applying light pressure to the feet, the reflexes are stimulated, restoring balance within the body, easing stress and promoting relaxation and well-being. It does not tickle and is incredibly relaxing!

What will happen during my treatment?

At your first consultation details will be taken about your current health; medical history; lifestyle and how you would like Reflexology to help you. This will allow us to tailor your treatment to your needs.

You will be asked to remove shoes / socks / tights so that your feet and lower ankles are exposed before reclining onto a treatment couch. Blankets are provided for your comfort. 

You will be asked to choose from a selection of gorgeous fragrant waxes (including vegan friendly wax) to be used during treatment – these have been blended with essential oils and are made from natural ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

During the treatment, we will use hot towels to gently cleanse your skin, before applying your chosen wax. The treatment begins with gentle relaxation techniques, followed by a light pressure being applied to the reflex points working on each foot. 

Many people become so relaxed during treatment that they may even fall asleep. 

At the end of the treatment, your skin will be cleansed again with hot towels to remove any excess wax and a light spray will be applied to compliment your chosen wax and soothe your feet. 

The treatment will last approx. 45-50 minutes.  

At the end, you will be encouraged to drink some water and will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment.

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours and eat only light meals to allow your body to adapt to the effects of the treatment.

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is based on the same principles as foot reflexology, however ancient Native American and compression techniques are used to stimulate the reflex points to restore balance within the body, ease stress and promote relaxation and well-being.

People often say that their face appears more radiant and feels more toned following treatment.

Many experience a deep relaxing state during treatment.

What will happen during my treatment?

At your first consultation details will be taken about your current health, medical history, lifestyle and how you would like the Reflexology to help you. This will allow us to tailor your treatment to your needs. 

If you have had any filler, botox or other facial injections we recommended that you wait for one week before having any facial reflexology treatment.

You will be asked to remove any jewellery including necklaces and earrings (studs are fine) before being asked to lay down on a comfortable treatment couch.  You will be given a choice of luxurious face oils to be applied during treatment. All our products are made from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals (whilst our products are gentle and free of most allergens, should you have a tendency to experience adverse reactions to facial products, please contact us prior to booking your appointment so that we can arrange to perform a patch test prior to treatment).

The treatment will begin with relaxation techniques applied to your upper arms, neck and head to help you to relax. 

Your face will be lightly cleansed and examined, before applying your chosen facial oil.

During the treatment gentle pressure will be applied to the reflex points on your face, many people experience a deeply relaxed state during treatment. 

The treatment will last approx. 45-50 minutes.  

At the end of the treatment, I will use gentle ‘awakening techniques’ to rouse your senses.

The oils are usually left on to penetrate and nourish the skin over the following hours but these can be removed if you prefer. 

At the end, you will be encouraged to drink some water and will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment.

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours and eat only light meals to allow your body to adapt to the effects of the treatment.

Zone Face Lift

The Healing Art Of Reflexology Fused With Pure Indulgence

An innovative facial treatment designed to help you to age well naturally and avoid invasive cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers.

Zone Face Lift (ZFL) is a bespoke facial that fuses the health benefits of facial reflexology with the beauty benefits that you get from a facial.

We use a combination of Facial Reflexology, Chinese and Japanese massage techniques along with Native American ancient healing routines and philosophies.  The cooling and smoothing effects of Rose or Quartz Crystals and Japanese Gua Sha are combined with a multisensual experience including Sage incense to gradually ease away the signs of fatigue and tiredness associated with our busy lives whilst lifting the subcutaneous tissues of your face to increase blood flow, leaving a lasting, radiant tone.

It is the most sensational, relaxing, natural non-invasive holistic facial treatment you are likely to experience, helping your skin to age well and naturally along with the added health benefits that reflexology can offer.

Leading Beauty Journalist Sarah Vine described the treatment in her ‘Get The Gloss’ article as a ‘contender for London’s best facial treatment’ while Hip and Healthy called it ‘an all-natural alternative to botox with internal benefits to boot’

ZFL is available as a one off treatment if you want a facial for a special event or just as a treat. It is also available as package of 6 treatments, however for maximum benefits, a course of 12 treatments is recommended. 

Some find it beneficial to continue to continue with monthly treatments for optimal benefit, however it’s completely up to you.  

Treatments last for approx. 75 minutes and during that time you will constantly be receiving treatment

We are able to offer gift vouchers should you wish to give this or any session as present to a friend, relative or someone special inyour life

What will happen during my treatment?

Elements to the ZFL Session Include

This personalised treatment aims to leave you feeling and looking brighter from inside out by: